During the early twentieth century, after the dark years of "Blight" and "Phylloxera" which almost destroyed the wine heritage of Ogliastra, a new class of vine-growers were formed in Jerzu recreating the fame of the Cannonau's goodness. Among them Giovanni Antonio Loi who, assisted by his young son Alberto Loi, cultivated and sold Cannonau in all the lands close to Ogliastra.

At the end of the forties, Alberto Loi built his own winery in Cardedu, the one that today bears his name. In the same period, other winemakers started their fervent activity creating other wine cooperatives in Ogliastra, among which Luigi Corona, the maternal grandfather of the later Loi brothers, sons and daughter of Alberto Loi.

In the early nineties, the company, together with the great passion of Alberto for the Cannonau, were inherited by his sons, whom continued the family business.

Nowadays the third and the forth generations of the family work together proposing Cannonau and other Sardinian wines in the name of typicality, tradition and innovation.