Cannonau wine has been produced in Sardinia for many years. To some experts the vine, from which it is produced, comes from the Iberian Peninsula and its name "Cannonadu" was first reported in 1600. It is a vine that is very similar to those grown in Spain and France. For others the source of indigenous cannonau is based on findings in some nuraghi.

Cannonau cultivar is quite common in Sardinia but, undoubtedly, the best is produced in the central and south-eastern region of the island. This is confirmed by the fact that D.O.C. regulation of Sardinian Cannonau acknowledges three sub denominations according to territorial names: "Oliena" if the grapes comes from Oliena and Orgosolo Municipalities; "Capo Ferrato" if the grapes comes from Municipalities of Sarrabus and Castiadas; "Jerzu" if the grapes comes from Jerzu and Cardedu Municipalities. The same D.O.C.regulation also acknowledges the typologies Red, Rosè, Reserve (at least two years ageing) and Liquoroso (two types:"dry" and "sweet").

The link between the Loi Family, the Cardedu area and Cannonau wine, dates back to the beginning of the nineties. It was in this period, after the dark years of Grape Downy Mildew and phylloxera, which almost destroyed the wine patrimony of Ogliastra, vineyards were planted again.
A new class of wine-growers who were formed in Jerzu recreated the fame of Ogliastra Cannonau goodness. Some worked independently, among them Giovanni Antonio Loi who, assisted by his young son Alberto, sold his Cannoanu in all of Ogliastra neighbouring lands. Other vine-growers created a sort of consortium wich lead to the first Ogliastra cellar in Cardedu. The activity of this cellar, however, ended at the beginning of the Forties.

Between the end of forties and the beginning of the Fifties, Alberto Loi, who by that time was producing and commercialising Cannonau wine, created in Cardedu the wine company which bears his name, taking care of it as if it were his girlfriend, his wife and his daughter. In the same period, other vine-growers started their fervent activity creating other wine cooperatives in Ogliastra. Among them Luigi Corona, mother’s grandfather of Loi brothers, current owners of Alberto Loi’s wine firm.

At the beginning of the Nineties, the company, a great passion of Alberto Loi, was inherited by his wife and children. Thanks to the natural characteristics of the land, the climate, the experience and the skilful innovation carried out in the vineyard and the cellar, the Loi Family are able experiment and propose Cannonau wine which, with the utmost respect of typicalness and tradition quality, is associate with drinking pleasantness and agreeableness.

Cannonau wine has found many admirers and has been widely praised by many journalists, writres and poets. Among them, Gabriele D’Annunzio who tried it during a trip in Sardinia at the beginning of the Nineties.
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Tradition and typicalness together with innovation and drinking pleasantness.