Tradition line: a whole new packaging

Linea Tradizione copertina

In early 2017 we took the decision to renew the packaging of our Tradition line, composed by fresh and characteristic wines designed to be the perfect business card for us and for our region.

Finally, after a very long brainstorming, we decided to give the line a strong Sardinian appearance, modern with a twist of color to appeal the youngest customers. The new packaging took inspiration from the typical pibiones fabric.

"Pibiones" (meaning grape berries in Sardinian) is one of the oldest and typical artisanal weaving technique in Sardinia. It's a peculiar stitching work in which the yarn is twisted over the loom to create a raised effect. In the past it was a symbol for richness, as a result it was used only for valuable household articles.

Nowadays it is a great symbol of Sardinian crafting culture.

The Tradition line: Theria vermentino, Rosemonti cannonau rosè, Nibaru monica and Sa Mola cannonau Jerzu.



Packaging Concept Art (June 2017)

Concept Art (June 2017)

Packaging Final design (January 2018)

Final design (January 2018)